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name : Amarilis
birthplace : Manhattan, New York
siblings :four siblings
married? : yes

movies : Amadeus, Anne of Green Gables, and Anne of Avonlea
TV show : Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210, and Party of Five
books : Too Deep for Tears
band : After 7
food : pizza and green apples
color : dark green and purple
sports : gymnastics,football, and cheerleading
team : the New York Jets
way to relax : reading a book and going to the beach or the library
hobbies : collecting Suzzies Zoo stationery, doing crafts, and playing
Most Embarrassing Moment : when she walked into a pole 7th
grade and tried to play along like it never happened.
What Does She Like Most About Herself: her sense of humor
What She'd Change About Herself: she would stop cracking her

>Guys Like Us (1998) ... as Nina in "Maestro's Big Break"
>Generation X (1996) ... as Monet St. Croix/M
>The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ... as Leslie in Get a Job (episode # 6.2)
>Sweet Valley High (1994-1995) ... as Patty Gilbert

She loves children and would one day like to be a teacher.
Later, her family, including her parents and 4 siblings, moved to
Los Angeles and then to Riverside, California. She went to Jurupa
High School, then began studying theather in junior college.
She began acting at the age of six when she played a Munchkin
in The Wizard of Oz at a college summer workshop. She didn't do
any more acting until she was fourteen, and after that, she didn't
act again until Sweet Valley High began filming in the June of 1994.
If she could change anything about the world, she would eliminate
violence in order to make the world safer for children
If she could spend an hour with anyone,it would with Mozart.
She loves reading in the car when someone else is driving,
dances around her apartment to loud music, and collects stationery
and stickers.
In the future, she would like to travel around the United States to
such places as Delaware, Massachusetts, Virginia, and South Carolina
to visit old historical places.
She would also love to live in Yosemite National Park in California
or on an island.
In terms of acting, she would like to do feature films or do voices for
animated features and try directing.

If you have any information about Amarilis , mail me.