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name : Amy Michele Danles
birthdate : May 24, 1976
birthplace : Grand Rapids, Michigan
parents : Mom (Cherie), Father (Glen)
siblings : older brother Glen
pets : Mastiff puppy named Princess Rosemary's Grace, and two
other dogs named Carrie and Sugar
married with : Manley Pope
Experience: Played the gum-chewing girl in Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory at age 4, stage productions of Annie and
West Side Story at her high school, TV commercial for a grocery
store at age 12, other commercials for Pepsi and Finesse, small
parts in three movies, The Touch, Home Alina, and Fellowship.

movies : Rebel Without a Cause, Shadowlands, Dead Poets
TV show : Seinfeld
books : The Tao of Pooh
actresses : Jodie Foster and Jessica Tandy
actors : Tom Hanks and Liam Neeson
band : Dead Can Dance and The score from any musical
food : Pasta
color : Green
sports : Softball
team : Dallas Cowboys
place to live : Anywhere she could act
way to relax : Cooking or reading
hobbies : Painting, tap dancing, rollerblading, listening to
music, horseback riding, parasailing

> The Zeta Project ... as Meg (voice) in Wired : Part 2 (episode # 2.3) 4/6/2002
                                                          in Wired : Part 1 (episode # 2.2) 3/30/2002
> TV commercial for Volkeswagon (2002)
> Feeding the Machine (2001) ... as ?
> Megan (1998) ... as Megan
> Prey ... as Dark Haired Girl in : Pursuit (episode # 1.3) 1/29/1998
> My Best Friend's Wedding (1997) (uncredited) ... as Intro
Bridesmaid Number 2
> The Maxx (1995) (voice) ... as Sara[h] James
> Sweet Valley High (1994-1998) ... as Enid Rollins

She is a vegetarian
She sings in the shower.
She loves motorcycles.
She adores all kinds of animals.
Her agent is Steven Feinberg/Don Buchwald & Associates
Amy and Manley were married on Sat. July 24th 1999.
She hates flying.
Her best (off-screen and on-screen) friend is Cynthia Daniel
Her Hero is James Dean.
Her future goals are to tour the world, act, produce, star in
feature films, be on Broadway, get married and have a big family.

"I'm very loving. I love people and would do anything for my
"In sixth grade I played "The Entertainer" on the piano for a talent
show and totally messed up."
"I wish I could stop biting my nails."
(one thing she wishes she could change about the world) "I'd
change all the anger and hatred."
(her advice to struggling actors) "Never, never, never give up.
Always believe in yourself."

write to Amy at:
Amy Danles
c/o Steven Feinberg
Don Buchwald & Associates
10 East 44th Street
New York, NY 10017

If you have any information about Amy Danles, mail me.