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name : Brittany Ann Daniel
birthdate : March 17,1976
birthplace : Gainesville, Florida
parents : C.B. Daniel Jr. (a member of the state university
system's Board of Regents) and Carolyn Daniel (a business
woman who runs a gift shop)
siblings : twin sister Cynthia, older brother Brad
hair : blonde
eyes : blue
dates : Joshua Jackson

movies : Crazy People and Forrest Gump
TV show : Cheers, Saturday Night Live and Melrose Place
books : Romance novels
actresses : Meg Ryan and Jodie Foster
actors : Tom Hanks and Michael Keaton
singer : Garth Brooks and Tori Amos
food : Italian food and vegetable burgers
color : Black, white and navy blue
sports : Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming, Sailing and Water Skiing
team : University of Florida Gators
way to relax : Sleeping in and going to the beach
hobbies : Rock climbing, rollerblading, hiking, reading, kickboxing

>That '80s Show (2002) ... as Sophia
>Joe Dirt (2001) ... as Brandy
>"Champaigne High" video (Sister Hazel) ... as bride
>On Hostile Ground (2000) ... as Cindy Evers
>Sonic Impact (1999) ... as Rachel
>Dawson's Creek ... as Eve Whitman
Indian Summer (episode # 3.5) 10/27/1999
None of the Above (episode # 3.3) 10/13/1999
Homecoming (episode # 3.2) 10/6/1999
Like a Virgin (episode # 3.1) 9/19/1999
>The Basketball Diaries (1995) ... as Blinkie
>Sweet Valley High (1994-1998) ... as Jessica Wakefield
>Swans Crossing (1992) ... as Mila Bergita Rosnovsky

In 1993, she was nominated for the Young Artist Award for her
role as Mila on Swans in the "Best Young Actress in an
Off-Primetime Series" category.
Both Brittany and Cynthia won the Young Artist Award
for Best Actress for her role in SVH.

She is a vegitarian
She is older than Cynthia by five minutes
She is an inch taller than Cynthia
Both Brittany and Cynthia have tatoos on their left big toes:
Brittany's is "B + C", Cynthia's is "C + B"
She and Cynthia have been featured in many magazines like
Teen, YM, Seventeen...

(most embarrasing moment) "I was in 7th grade. One day after
school, a boy came up behind me and pulled my pants down in
front of my new boyfriend and about 20 other people."
(likes most about herself)"I'm a good listener and
communicator, which helps me have longer and stronger
relationships and friendships."
(she'd chance about herself)"Physically I'd like to have lighter
eyes and mentally I'd like to be a more positive person."
(about the place she wants to live) "Anywhere near a beach
where the water is crystal clear."

write Brittany at:
Brittany Daniel
C/o Innovative Artists Talent
1999 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067-6022

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