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name : Brock Burnett
birthdate: 14 October
birthplace :
Newburgh, Indiana
nickname : Brockster
parents :
His mother, Elicia, is a high-school teacher
siblings : He has an older sister Brandi and a younger brother Bryce.
girlfriend : Melissa (29 July 2000 - present)
a little info :
Brock got his start in acting in a church play written by the pastor.
He studied theater at the University of Florida and Western Kentucky
University. He has had small roles in television specials and appeared
in the Warner Brothers thriller Passenger 57.

movies : Short Cuts and Dangerous Liaisons
TV Show : Friends , Seinfeld . Mad About You and Melrose Place
book : A Road Less Traveled
actresses : Meg Ryan and Meryl Streep
actors : Al Pacino, Gene Hackman, and John Malkovich
food : veggie pizza
band : Pearl Jam
color : red
hobbies : horseback riding, rolerblading,weightlifting, and playing
with his dogs
way to relax : crashing in the hammock in his backyard
sport : baseball
team : the Cincinnati Reds and the Dallas Cowboys
What He'd Change About Himself : he would want to be less
of a neat freak.

>Star Trek: Voyager ... as Male N.D. in Author, Author (episode #7.20)
>Dharma & Greg ... as Thomas in Big Daddy (episode #3.68) 4/11/2000
>Step by Step ... as Ken in Walk Like a Man (episode # 6.21) 7/25/1997
>Fugitive X: Innocent Target (1996) ... as Suit #1
>Sweet Valley High (1994-1995) ... as Bruce Patman
>Passenger 57 (1992) (uncredited) ... as Swat team sharp shooter

If he could change the world, he'd end homelessness.
He thinks is his best feature is his eyes.
If he could spend an hour with anyone, he'd spend it
with Lucille Ball.
He is also a great gardener and a die-hard romantic.
He likes driving fast and having many different pairs of shoes.
Unlike Bruce, Brock is neither self-centered nor egotistical.
He's also one adventuruous guy. He's bungee jumped and
sky-dived on several occasions. Brock sees a lot of similarities
to his own high school in Sweet Valley High.
While appearing on SVH, his best friend on the set was Michael
Perl (Winston).
In the future, his goal is to star in feature films. He would also
like to start his own production company and someday direct.

"I have a rose garden."

write to Brock at:
Brock Burnett
Brad Stokes and Chris Black
Ensemble Entertainment
10474 Santa Monica Blvd. #380
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Tel: (310) 882-8900
Fax: (310) 882-8901

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