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name: Cynthia Lynn Daniel
birthdate : 17 March, 1976
birthplace : Gainesville, Florida USA
parents : C.B. Daniel Jr. (a member of the state university
system's Board of Regents) and Carolyn Daniel (a business
woman who runs a gift shop)
siblings : twin sister Brittany, older brother Brad
hair : blonde
eyes : blue
dates : Cole Hauser

TV Show: My So-Called Life, Party of Five
Book: Sweet Valley High
Singer: Sheryl Crow
Actress: Meg Ryan
Food: Pasta
Color: Grey, Green, Black
Sports Team: University of Florida Gators
Way To Relax: Hanging out with a good friend at the beach
and talking for hours
Hobbies: rollerblading.

>Feeding the Machine (2001) ... as ?
>The Basketball Diaries (1995) ... as Winkie
>Sweet Valley High (1994-1998) ... as Elizabeth Wakefield

Both Brittany and Cynthia won the Young Artist Award
for Best Actress for her role in SVH.

She is a vegetarian
She is younger than Brittany by five minutes
She is also an inch shorter than Brittany
Her best friend was Amy Danles (Enid).
She played Liz Wakefield because Francine Pascal thought
that she looked more innocent than Brittany on camera.
Both Cynthia and Brittany have tatoos on their left big toes:
Brittany's is "B + C", Cynthia's is "C + B"
She appeared in many magazines with Brittany. Also done
many commercials.

(about her favorite movie) "I don't really have one, but all of
us girls on the show would sit around singing songs from
"I was a cheerleader in high school, but I like watching
football and soccer."
(most embarresing moment) "My bathing suit top popped
off in front of these two guy friends of mine."
(she likes about herself) her smile.

write to Cynthia at:
Cynthia Daniel
C/o Michael Amato Theatrical
1650 Broadway #307
New York, NY 10019-6833

If you have any information about Cynthia Daniel , mail me.