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name : Michael Alan Perl
birthdate : November 2
from : Los Angeles, California
parents : Mother (Mary), Father (Peter)
siblings : 27 year old brother Stephen
nicknames : Mike
status : not single (in 1994)

movies : The Crow and Tombstone
TV show : Seinfeld
books : Lord of the Flies
actresses : Jodie Foster
actors : Samuel L. Jackson
band : Nine Inch Nails
food : Hummus and tabouleh
color : Red and black
sports : Tae Kwon Do
team : San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Raiders
place to live : California
way to relax : Spending time alone, or with friends and family
hobbies : Writing, reading, surfing, bench pressing, playing sports

>Terrapin, The (2002) ... as Victor
>Third Watch ... as Benjamin in Officer Involved
(episode #1.15) 2/21/2000
>Tarzan (1999) (voice) ... as Mungo (Additonal Voices)
>Sweet Valley High (1994-1998) ... as Winston Egbert

Played Danny in his 8th grade production of Grease, commerical
for Disney World's the Tower of Terror, hosted TVs Thrills and LA
His best off-screen friend in 1994 was Brock Burnett
His future goals are to go to UCLA and major in English, travel to
Scotland's abandoned castes, explore all of Europe and Africa
He really hates prunes.
He is a music freak!
He sings whenever he's in the car alone--and sometimes when
he's not alone. (He says he's usually really loud and annoying too.)
He is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

(about his hero) "Robert DeNiro. I'd ask him everything."
(most embarrassing moment)"I was 45 mintues late for work on
the Sweet Valley High set."
(one thing he wishes he could change about the world)
"Everyone should just chill."
(he likes most about himself) "I don't have one. At least
not to my knowledge."
(he'd change about himself) "I'd calm down and take
things less seriously."
"I can't go one day, or even part of one day, without music".
(his advice to struggling actors) "Don't do it--unless you love it!"

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