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name : Ryan James Bittle
birthdate : March 21, 1976
birthplace : La Crescenta, California
parents : Mom (Cathy), Father (Jim)
siblings : younger brother Ronnie (21) and Jeff (33)
grew up in : La Crescenta
lives in : La Crescenta, CA (near LA)
hair : blonde
eyes : blue
height : 6'0"
weight : 160 lbs
car : 1990 Toyota
graduated from : Crescenta Valley High, in La Crescenta
pets : two dogs named Hobbs and Bear & Three Fish:
Weechie, Josep, Guedoa
dates : Bridget Flanery (in 1994)

movies : Pulp Fiction
TV show : Seinfeld
books : Moby Dick
actresses : Meg Ryan and Jodie Foster
actors : Tommy Lee Jones, Val Kilmer
band : Jane's Addiction
food : pasta and seafood
color : forest green
sports : Water polo and everything else
team : the Orlando Magic, L.A. Dodgers, and L.A. Kings
way to relax : Hanging out with friends, candles, music,
and herbal tea
hobbies : Surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, weightlifting,
rollerblading, waterski and "having a gay old time"
most embarrassing moment : when his friends pulled down
his pants in the middle of the cafeteria in high school.
he likes most about himself: his chest.

>Dawson's Creek ... as Eric in Sleeping Arrangements (episode # 5.12) 1/23/2002
>Dawson's Creek ... as Eric in Hotel New Hampshire (episode # 5.9) 11/28/2001
>Walker, Texas Ranger ... as Harley in Reel Rangers (episode # 9.22) 5/5/2001
>Who's your Daddy? (2001) ... as Hudson Reed
>The Clown at Midnight (1998) ... as Taylor
>Devil in the Flesh (1998) (aka Deadly Devoted) ... as Greg Straffer
>Tear It Down (1997) ... as ?
>Buffy the Vampire Slayer ... as Mitch in Invisible Girl
(episode # 1.11) 5/9/97
>Boy Meets World ... as Gary in Chick Like Me (episode #4.15)
>Sweet Valley High (1994-1996) ... as Todd Wilkins
>7th Heaven ... as Jeff in No Funerals and a Wedding 10/7/1996
>7th Heaven ... as Jeff in In the Blink of an Eye 9/30/1996
>7th Heaven ... as Jeff in Family Secrets 9/23/1996
>7th Heaven ... as Jeff in Anything You Want 8/26/1996
>The Parenthood ... as Bradley in An American Class President
(episode #2.31) 3/13/96
>Making Out (1995) ... as ?

Ryan modeled for Teen and Vogue, Appeared in several articles for
Teen Beat.
His best friends are Michael Perl and Bridget Flanery
Ryan wears a size 12 shoe.
He said his dream date would be pitching a tent in Tahiti, cooking
a seafood dinner, then eating in the sand by the water at a tiny table
surrounded by candles and burning incense. The next morning
they would wake up and surf.
If he could change the world, he'd get rid of pollution.
If he could spend an hour with anyone, he would spend it with Perry
Farrel or Porno for Pyros.
Ryan dresses funny sometimes, likes ketchup on almost every kind
of food, eats extremely healthfully (except for his love for candy)
If Ryan had to quit acting tomorrow, he would go to college and play
water polo.
As the end of the second season, he dated with Bridget Flanery.
Before he found out he'd gotten the job on SVH, Ryan had been
planning to attend the University of California, Santa Barbara.
His future goals are to get married and have children.

(he'd change about himself ) "I wish I had bigger legs."
"In twenty years, I'd like to still be having fun and hanging with
my wife and kids."

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