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  As u know Jess is flirtaous. She has many boyfriends so far .So i decided to put the 
important ones for her. There were 5 boys that stole her heart. They are Prince Arthur 
Castillo , Sam, AJ ,Christian Gorman and Devon Whitelaw.
     Prince Arthur Castillo :
     He is the prince of Santa Dora and also penfriend of Liz. When he came to Sweet 
Valley to see Liz , he fell in love with Jessica . After big tries they found time to go outside
alone (not with the guards). Jess loved him so much that she was dreaming to marry him. 
Her dream are broken when she learnt that he had a fiancee.         
     Sam :
     Sam is a motorcyclist and works in garage. They met in the episode 38 Sam 
Enchanted Evening . Firstly Liz and Todd tried to seperate them (because of Sam's
past) ,but Jess didn't allow it to happen. Afterwards he found an sponsor and unwillingly
went to Australia eaving Jess behinfd him.
     AJ :
     Aj is one of the members of a rock group called "Fresh Cuts" .They knew each other 
from the episode 55 Rock Around The Block . Firstly Jess realized him and they started to
date. In the episode 58 A Star is Torn  they seperated because AJ and his band went on a 
    Christian Gorman :
    He is Mesa's former star player . Jess and Christian knew eachother from childhood. (In
SVH TV Show episode 75 West Coast Story) When the date of Jess and Christian is learnt,
Jess became alone at school . Because she was dating with an enemy . Jess also thought 
about getting transferred to Mesa only to be with Christian. Christian said Jess that they had
to be apart even though they love each other.
      Devon Whitelaw :
      First of all Devon dated with Liz . He was thinking Jess was a "boy-crazy" girl . Meanwhile Jess
was trying to win his heart but at the end they became lovers. 
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