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  I think Liz and Todd are the best couple of Sweet Valley High. There were times when they
broke up but their biggest love never ended like Romeo and Juliet . 
   SEASON 1 
 : 1 Dangerous Love :
   Liz and Todd start to date.
 : 6 Almost Married : 
   The twins' parents goes abroad for the weekend so Liz and Todd tries to live at home as
   a married couple.
 : 9 Coma : 
   After a boy-crazy Jess left Liz at the hangout Liz is forced to
   go with Todd on his bike back to school. On their way they have
   an accident leaving behind Liz in a coma. After some days on the
   edge she wakes up totally changed - she's more 'Jess' now ...
  :18 Dancing Fools :
   The annual Pacific Freestyle Dance is coming up . Liz knows that Todd doesn't love
   to dance so finds another guy . But Todd gets angry bacause he thinks that Liz must 
   ask him about the dance. Even though he doesn't love to dance, he dances with Liz at
   the competition
 : 22 Say Goodbye : 
   Against all odds Todd is accepted by a school - who wants him to play in their basketball
   team - in Vermont. Leaving his friends, his home is hard but leaving Liz is harder. Same 
   for Liz who can't imagine a time without Todd. And it also doesn't help when on his last 
   days they can't find any time together - a fight follows. After two weeks with Todd in 
   Vermont Liz agrees to go out again - with Nick - which scheming Jess knows how to use
   for her purposes.
 : 29 A Fair To Remember :
   Coach's son Jason dates with the twins. Todd tells that to Liz but Liz doesn't believes him
   at first . 
 : 31 Blunder Valley : 
   Todd wants to be with Liz again but she ignores him . They start to date with other people. 
   At the bowling lane (where they and their partners go) Todd tells Liz that he loves her 
 : 32 Like Water For Hot Dogs :
   Liz and Todd's anniversary is coming up. Liz awaits an invitation,
   and Todd also wants to ask her. But it's been a long time and he
   doesn't know how to proceed. Winston and Lila coach him. Dark
   clouds arise again when Liz accidentally sees Todd with Lila.
 : 47 Imperfectly Fit : 
   Liz starts to work with Peter in the Sweet Valley Tribune. Then she falls in love with him so
   Liz and Todd broke up. 
 : 52 Mall Brats : 
   Liz and Peter seperate 
 : 55 Rock around the Block :
   Todd becomes the superstar at school . At the interview with a TV program he tells that 
   he has never loved a girl. Liz is depressed by the words of Todd and tears goes down from
   her eyes.
 : 58 A Star is Torn : 
   Liz has two tickets for a concert and the owner of the second one becomes Todd :)
 : 60 Don't Strand So Close To Me :
   Liz's new boyfriend drives Todd crazy so he starts to date with a girl named Carrie in 
   order to make Liz jealous.
   SEASON 4 
 : 67 Romance Wasn't Built in a Day :
   Todd wants to sleep with Liz 
 : 72 A Kiss Is Just A Kiss :
   Jess sees Devon kissing Liz.
 : 73 The Kiss Heard Around the School (2) :
   Jess tells the kissing to Renata . All the school hears the incident, so does Todd. 
 : 75 West Coast Story (2) : 
   There is a big fight between Sweet Valley High and Big Mesa. The date and  the place for
   the big fight is set . Although Liz and Todd don't talk to each other, Cheryl tells Liz that the
   only person Todd can listen is her . So Liz goes and talks to Todd about stopping the fight.
   First he doesn't seem to listen her but at the fight she tells everyone that fighting gives 
   nothing in result and left the place
 : 80 Single in Sweet Valley :
   Liz and Todd comes together again.
 : 81 Sailing Solution :
   Todd decides to do a sailing trip with Liz . Also Liz is honored to get the award for the 
   Junior Writing Awards . The problem is that two of them are on the same date. So Liz
   have to choose one . Meanwhile Todd names his boat "Elizabeth" . Liz chooses the 
   award night and tells to Todd. Todd says he don't want to be the second any more. 
   After Liz talking with her friends ,  she gives up and goes abroad with Todd
 : 84 Swing Time :
   Although they make up, Liz is also worried about Renata .Liz is jealous of Todd
  Todd and Liz Photos 

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