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                                         last updated 03.july.2003
 Hi everyone
 As u can see , I have made a big change to my site with new graphics.
 Hope u like them all. Also thanks for the e-mails u have sent to me. I 
 tried to do my best to reply them. The navigation is easy. enjoy...
 + Nurcin +
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Multimedia section is fixed.
After a year , i'm here for new stuff. It's great to find time again to 
make changes to my site. Today i uploaded some pics of Amarilis,
Amy Danles, Andrea Savage, Bridget Flanery, Brittany Daniel and
Ryan James Bittle.
Sorry for the lost pages. Well there was a problem . the main page is
deleted so i'm putting a temporary main page. when i go back home
i'll fix the problem. Also i have news . An e-mail from Marina came to
telling that she talked to Manley and he had said that he and Amy 
were divorced. Sad for them :( I wanna thank Marina for the news.
Plus, 7 new pics of Britt are added . 
+ 2 articles added
+ 33 pics of Amy Danles (Enid) added.
+ 12 pics of Andrea Savage (Renata Vargas) added. 
Sorry for not updating the site. I was so involved with the school stuff.
Here are some updates i made. Firstly, 36 pics are added to the Twins
Gallery.Exclusive pics of Amy Danles (from mbfw ) are added.
Also some changes are done in the cast section and new videos are 
added. More to come...  
click here to find out the old updates....
svu & sy: together