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... Jeremy Garrett 
The Art of Being ... Jeremy Garrett            
What rocks my world: "I have five discs in my CD player right now,
things like Cafe del Mar and LTJ Bukem's Earth, because I've been in
chill-out mode lately. I've also got a CD from London called Euphoria:
Chilled. It's very ambient club music." 
My dream job: "I love to write. I'm writing a screenplay right now. My
greatest challenge is actually sitting down and doing it because there
are so many factors that get in the way. Like if I'm depressed about a
girl or something, I can't just sit down and be like, 'Okay, I'm going to
write.' I'm very fickle about when I can or can't do it." 
Eye spy: "I'm a big people watcher, especially when I'm in Europe. I 
walk around, and everybody's kissing. There are always these incredible
candid moments unfolding." 
Show me the money: "I'm reading this great book called Rich Dad, Poor 
Dad, by Robert T. Kiyosaki. It's all about the differences between what
rich parents and middle class or poor parents teach their children 
about money and the kind of principles and philosophies surrounding it." 
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