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... Daniel Twins 
April 1997
Kavana Meets the Sweet Valley High Twins
It's a Hot date Between Kavana and the Sweet Valley High Girls
Cynthia and Brittany Daniel. But will it be love?            
Was Cynthia giving Kav the Eye? 
and which girl did Kav Prefer? Let's find out....  
Kavana On The Girls 
"At first I thought the girls were beautiful but quiet - but when I got
to know them better they were really friendly. The first thing they
said about me was that I was 'Cute and Sweet'. I get really sick of 
people thinking I'm cute. I want to be thought as sexy and raunchy!
The girls have both got tattoos on their big toes with a picture of a
stick girl and the initials "C+B". I asked them what they meant, and
they said it meant they would be together for eternity which I thought
was lovely. I think I preferred Cynthia. Brittany looked like she could
be a bit bossy. I think Cynthia was giving me the eye actually! She
asked me if I was in love and if I had a girlfriend - but then she said
she just liked to know about people. I was a bit gutted when I found 
out the both had boyfriends coz there was a lot of eye contact going 
Cynthia on Kav 
"Kavana is so cute and I love his accent! His new song is really cool
too. We don't meet many pop stars in America coz we don't hang out 
at show biz parties. My boyfriend's an actor though,  and where we live 
it's pretty normal to see big stars walking around. We've been friends 
with Leonardo DiCaprio for ages - he's really cool but I wouldn't want 
to go out with him. I like a guy who's sensitive and protective, who'll 
take care of me without being too pushy. I'd probably go out with 
Kavana as a friend. He seemed a lot younger than us, we thought he 
was about 17. People look younger in England than in the States." 
Brittany on Kav 
"I've never been out with an English guy and Kav isn't exactly my type
but he is sweet and made us laugh a lot. I like guys who look after 
themselves and don't expect you to cook them dinner all the time - no 
that I'm saying Kav would be like that, he seems to nice! I don' think
Cynthia and I go for the same kinda of guy. We like different types of
personality. It's all about connection isn't it? We've never had a fight 
over a boy. I don't tend to fancy famous people but I remember one 
time I went shopping and I say Brad Pitt. He was so Good Looking! 
Much better in real life than I had expected. He's a real babe." 
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