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... Jeremy Garrett 
UPN Stars Chat             
ETQuest: Are you mostly on location or in the studio? 
Jeremy: Well, we were shooting in Richmond, Virginiaall on location. 
We shot the pilot on the actual lot of Thomas Jefferson's house, the
house where he grew up. We actually got to shoot inside the house,
all of the interiors and exteriors are the house itself. And we will 
continue filming right there on that location. 
ETQuest: Who inspired you to be an actor? Who do you admire? 
Jeremy: They call it aperformingart, a lot of times it's about creating
images whether they're real or unreal. And for some reason, it is
always a treat for me to be able to create an image that people can
watch and feel things from, whether they laugh or cry-just that they
can be transported into an emotion. And to have that power is very 
appealing to me and maybe also it's a little escape for me. Just to 
be able to experience different things without having to lose who 
you are and going out of your own boundaries and having the freedom
to do that. It's a nice escape for me. 
ET Host: Okay Jeremy, I'm afraid I have to ask this one as it comes
pouring in. Are you single? 
Jeremy: I'm married I have seven children, and there are twins on 
the way! No, I'm kidding. Yes, I am single. Definitely. 
ET Host: Wow, well thanks Jeremy! That was Jeremy Garrett from 
the new UPN show "Legacy" which airs Friday nights at 8:00 
starting this fall.    
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