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... Daniel Twins 
May 1995 
Twins, Twins, Everywhere! 
Twin Actors
  "Chewier Roles Wanted" To some they are known as the Doublemint 
twins for their work in hawking chewing gum in TV commericals; to 
others they're the naughty and nice doppelgangers of the syndicated
high school soap Sweet Valley High. Now nineteen-year-old Cynthia 
and Brittany Daniels are taking a shot at the big screen as Winkie 
and Binkie, a pair of middle-class sisters whose sinister synergy 
makes them the perfect score for Leonardo DiCaprio's Jim and Patrick
McGaw's Neutron in The Basketball Diaries. "We totally feed off each
other. It's like we're Siamese twins or something." says Cynthia. "At 
auditions people will ask, 'Can we choose just one of you?'" notes 
Brittany, "But it's not as if we're going to break down and cry if they 
do," adds Cynthia. And Brittany? "In the future, we don't want to take
any more twins roles. I don't want us to be thirty years old and known
as the twins, like the Barbi Twins in Playboy." You can say that again.
Mark Marvel   
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