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... Brittany Daniel 
Monday, April 16, 2001
'Joe Dirt' actress has an identical twin
Calgary Sun 
HOLLYWOOD -- Brittany Daniel, who stars as David Spade's love
interest in Joe Dirt, is an identical twin. 
Her sister Cynthia is more into photography these days, but the
girls started out modelling and acting as a duo. 
"Our very first job was playing a two-headed monster on The 
New Leave It To Beaver Show. For four seasons, Cynthia and I 
co-starred on a TV show called Sweet Valley High," recalls Daniel. 
When she was 16, Brittany starred in the New York-based TV 
series Swan's Crossing, which also featured Mira Sorvino and Sarah
Michelle Gellar. 
Daniel made her film debut in Basketball Diaries playing the young
coke addict who seduces Leonardo DiCaprio. 
"That was one wild, surreal week. I flew to New York to film two days
of fake coke-snorting and kissing Leo and then flew home to Florida
for my graduation ceremonies, which were held at Disney World."
Any guy thinking of dating Daniels might like to know that her 
favourite pastime is bungee-jumping. 
"I absolutely love to bungee-jump off bridges. It's the most liberating
feeling in the world because the cord is in control, not you." 
She and her sister make it a rule not to trick their boyfriends, though
they know they can. 
"The only time we ever purposely used the twin thing was in 
Grade 5, where we switched classes to see if anyone could tell. 
There were nine sets of twins at our (Florida) high school so the 
teachers were used to this kind of tomfoolery." 
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