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... Jeremy Garrett 
Spring 2001 
upfront Jump'em
by Alexis Iacone
Name : Jeremy Garrett
Age : 24
Dating Status : Single
What He's Looking For In Ms. Right : Honesty, respect and appreciation
  Actor Jeremy Garrett is one hot rising star. Cast as the hot new 
roommate (and love interest?) of Audrey (Jaime Pressly) on Jack & Jill,
Garrett is sure to makeour hearts flutter this season.I caught up with 
Jeremy while he was driving his car through the streets of L.A.- luckily
he was talking on his cell's ear piece attachment so he wouldn't cause 
any traffic jams. Here, Jeremy tells us what to expect from the newest 
member of the WB "heartthrob" family. 
You grew up in San Diego. Was moving to Hollywood a big chance for 
I moved here when I was 19. I had been going to college at the time 
and came here to Hollywood to star on the show, Sweet Valley High. 
Within a week I had my own apartment. I have to say it was a big 
shocker. And I wasn't used to this whole Hollywood thing. It took 
some time -about a year- to get used to the lifestyle, the people and 
even feel comfortable in my own skin.
Do you really like living here now? 
It's funny. I just got back after a month in Rome -I go there every year-
and I was really looking forward to getting back here.
Did you have fun appearing on Buffy, The Vampire Slayer?
[Laughing] Oh, yeah. I got my butt kicked by Sarah Michelle Gellar! 
She's the one girl who's ever kicked my butt. What was so cool about 
that show was the incredible makeup you get to wear. I had this broken
nose in an episode. It was incredible. I looked like a rhinoceros! Then,
this other guy next to me looked like his chest was coming right out of 
his skin. It was wild.
Tell me about your new role as Audrey's hot roommate on the show. 
I play Russell. He's this standup comedian from New York City. I move 
in as Jaime Pressly's roommate, but then the whole , cute inevitable 
sexual tension  thing happens.
So, what's your character really all about?
He's just broken up with his girlfriend. And he doesn't want to admit it, 
but he really digs Jaime Pressly's character. She's this tough, little 
cookie. At first, when he shows her he likes her, she shuts him down. 
As a typical guy, it just makes him want her more. Then it turns into a 
game where he's trying to ignore her and then she can't believe he 
doesn't want her after all.
How did you get along with Jaime on the set?
She was my girl for five weeks. She's just a little firecracker. And she 
got to see me naked, a la Austin Powers!
Well, let's just say the fruit bowl was, yes, strategically covering all the 
right places!
Are you a fan of reality shows such as Survivor?
Temotation Island is just terrible! Why are you going to put people on an 
island just to watch them hurt each other? But Survivor is cool. It's 
people-watching in extreme situations.
How do you feel about becoming the next teen heartthrob?
It's funny because in most roles, I'm cast as a boyfriend or love interest.
I think it comes with the territory.But it's great when fans like you and 
support you. Makes you think you must be doing something right.
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