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... Brittany Daniel 
April 09, 2001 10:27 AM EST
Today in Hollywood
Brittany Daniel: Kid Rock Is Sweet
by Mandi Bierly
(Katrillion) -- It's true: Brittany Daniel is down with the devil. 
Of course, we're talking about Kid Rock, who co-stars with her in
the new David Spade flick, "Joe Dirt."
The devil without a cause makes his movie debut in the gross-out 
comedy, which hits theaters April 11. Brittany says she was excited
when she found out Kid would be joining her and Spade's 
made-in-mullet-heaven love triangle. 
"I was psyched. I was heading to the table read, totally jamming to
his CD, and I didn't know if he was in it. I get out of my car, walk up
to the building and he's standing outside. He's like, 'Hey, I'm Bob 
Ritchie. I'm gonna be playing Robbie,'" she remembers.
"I was even more psyched after the table read. It was pretty 
intimidating -- Adam Sandler (who exec produced the movie) and
like 50 other people were there -- and he was so comfortable. He 
was ad-libbing lines. He just has such unbelievable confidence, 
and I think that's what 75 percent of acting is."         
Brittany insists she wasn't at all scared of the American Bad Ass,
but admits that his soft side surprised her.
"I didn't really know anything about him personally, I just knew his 
music. I was shocked to see how normal, sweet and intelligent he 
was -- just because whenever you see him, he's in these videos 
with strippers," she laughs. 
But if you're expecting to see Brittany and Kid Rock lock lips, you'll
be disappointed, folks. There are no makeout scenes in the movie,
and Brittany tells us four or five of their scenes together were cut to
keep the film tight. 
"There was a scene where he told me that he loved me and I 
needed to choose between him and David Spade," she says. "Kid 
Rock was so good because he played this town bully but he brought
this vulnerability to his character that was so cute. I wish you could
have seen it a little bit more." 
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