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... Brittany Daniel 
Goin' Muddin' with Brittany Daniel
With that sexy, sexy hairdo of his, Joe Dirt could have just about any
girl he wants. And the girl he wants is Brandy, played with homespun 
honesty by Brittany Daniel. We can understand why. Daniel's previous
credits include The Basketball Diaries alongside Leo Di Caprio, as well
as roles in the TV shows "Sweet Valley High" (with her twin sister, 
Cynthia) and "Dawson's Creek."
We figured that after Joe Dirt comes out Brittany Daniel's time is going
to be in much greater demand, so we jumped at the chance to sit down 
and talk with her about David Spade, Kid Rock, and, of course, muddin.'
Moviefone: So you're from Gainesville, Florida. 
Brittany Daniel: Yep. Wait, how does this work? Moviefone's something
that you call, so will this be something on that?  
MF: Well, no. Moviefone is also a website. So.... How did your Southern
background affect your preparation for your role in Joe Dirt?
BD: Oh, it helped so much. I can totally relate to the whole movie. I 
know guys that have a mullet haircut, drive around in those kind of old,
beat-up cars, you know, chewing tobacco. But I actually went down to 
Florida right before we started shooting to kind of get some of the 
accent. To be around the whole vibe, I went and hung at the Gainesville
MF: So would you say your character is a white trash kinda girl? 
BD: Well, I originally thought I would play her kind of white trashy, but
then the director [Dennie Gordon] and I decided that Brandy is a virgin...
she's so innocent. I think it would have been easier to have gone the 
white trash route with her, but I wanted a character that the audience 
would really like, that you'd be kind of rooting for. I decided that she 
would be a sweet character. And Jaime Pressly, she does such a good
job with that white trash kind of character. She's so good, she has great
comedic timing. I think it's great that she did that and I did something 
else. It wasn't so hard to prepare for because David [Spade] is so cool, 
he's such an awesome guy.
MF: Tell us more about David Spade.
BD: People have told me that [in Joe Dirt] it didn't seem like I was 
acting when I told him how much I cared about him, and I'm like, I do 
care about him, you know? And they ask me, are people really gonna 
believe that [the relationship between Spade and the comely Daniel]? 
But I always love to see the underdog win. I think David's a very 
attractive guy because he is so vulnerable and sweet. 
MF: Would you date David Spade in real life?
BD: Well, I have a boyfriend, so...
MF: It's a hypothetical question.
BD: David's my buddy, you know when you have a relationship with 
someone and he's just your buddy, and you hang out. It's really cool.
MF: How about Kid Rock? Is he, um, a good actor?
BD: Totally.
MF: Yeah?
BD: You never know, because this is his first movie role, so it was 
like, "Wow! How could he be a good actor?" But he's an entertainer, 
that's what he does on stage every day. I don't think that's really him
who's on stage. I mean, maybe a certain part of him. But he had really 
good comedic timing. He really has it.
During the table read I was so impressed, 'cause I was all nervous, 
and he was so comfortable!... Like there's this one line he made up, 
he goes: "You cryin', boy? You wanna whamburger with your french 
cries? You want a Whinekein?" And then he says to David, "Def 
Leppard sucks!" 'cause he's wearing a Def Leppard t-shirt. To hear
Kid Rock scream out "Def Leppard sucks" is just hilarious!
MF: I can imagine. So, growing up in Florida, did you at some point 
have a Southern accent?
BD: Yeah, I think so. A little bit of a hickish accent. I picked it up 
from my mother, and I still have it a little bit. If I get around my 
family I pick it right back up like that. Even when I'm in New York I 
still say "y'all." That's my trademark.
MF: Do you have any redneck or white trash anecdotes from your 
BD: Most of the boys I graduated from high school with would all dip.
You know, with Copenhagen?
MF: Oh yeah.
BD: We'd ride around in pickup trucks and -- well, I wouldn't do this
every weekend, but -- we'd go muddin'.
MF: "Muddin'"?
BD: Well, you go out, you know, where it's really muddy, and you, 
kind of, take the car out...
MF: So, do you have any white trash indulgences these days? 
BD: I love boiled peanuts.
MF: Is that white trash?
BD: I don't know, I find it to be such a Southern thing. White trash is 
such a harsh word! Have you ever had boiled peanuts?
MF: I don't think so.
BD: Omigod, it's just such a popular thing down South, but if you're 
not from the real, real, real South, you won't know what it is.... They're
hot and mushy and yummy! They're so good, I've turned so many 
people on to them.
MF: They do sound good.
BD: On the West coast they've never even heard of such a thing!
MF: But you don't go muddin' anymore
BD: No, no. I don't go muddin'.
MF: Do you feel like your career is taking off at this point?
BD: Who knows. This business is so fickle. People tell you, "This is it!
This is it!" but they don't know. Like "Dawson's Creek" -- everyone 
told me it would be my big break, but you just never know. People 
change their minds. But I loved that role [as Eve Witman] 
temptress, total kleptomaniac, total compulsive liar, you know, it 
reminded me of Rebecca DeMornay in Risky Business. I just loved it! 
But I think every opportunity to work is a small break, and I'm so 
happy to be in this movie. I'm never like, "Oooh, everybody loves me,"
it's just good to be working and doing something you like. 
MF: Sometimes when actors send out resumes, they list special skills, 
along the lines of "roller skating" or "golf." What would you list?
BD: What are my special skills? Rock climbing, ice skating...and I 
guess a Southern accent. 
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