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... Jeremy Garrett 
Casual Guy Jeremy Garrett                        
According Jeremy Garret, the new guy on the Jack & Jill block,
fitting in is a breeze, especially in the wardrobe department. 
"As Russell, I get to wear some pretty cool stuff, like retro 
shirts and vintage jackets. Unlike some guys, who honestly 
don't care what they wear, Russell has a definite vibe going on."
Euro Flash: "I learned a lot about style in Europe. People seem
to care a lot more about what they wear. Here, people think guys
who take care of themselves and want to look good are gay." 
Foot Fetish: "I'm crazy about shopping for shoes, especially 
Italian shoes. They're real funky and cool, and great quality 
as well."
Afternoon delight: "It's 1:30 in the afternoon and I'm still in 
my PJs. In other words, I'm still in my boxers. Today I'm locking
myself in my house because I have writing to do, so I didn't 
formally get dressed to sit in front of the computer. You know?" 
My style motto: "Always try to look your best, wherever you 
you go. I got that from my Italian grandfather."       
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