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... Brittany Daniel 
December 1999 
Brittany Daniel
Look Out Jen, you finally met your match!
by Amanda Myers
From the moderately successful Sweet Valley High to the ultimate 
teen hit Dawson's Creek, 23-year-old Brittany Daniel is movin' 
swiftly up on top. The newest Creek member, Eve is to the show what
Amanda was to Melrose and Valerie to 90210. Still reeling from the 
fact that she's been cast on one of the highest rated shows this 
season, this Gainesville FL native is stunned by some of the offers 
that've already rolled in-from the previews alone! One thing's for 
sure: Brittany's making a major splash in Capeside, and Dawson 
Leery will never be the same after meeting (and no,doubt 
over-analyzing) her. TC recently chatted with this Capeside newcomer,
and got the skinny on Josh's pranks, James' kisses and her own 
rising star.             
First off, how does it feel to be the new girl on the creek? 
[*Laughs*] It's hard to believe actually. I mean, I'm on one of the 
number one shows out there, and my character is a blast to play. 
Tell me about her 
Well, her name is Eve, and she's like the mystery woman who shows
up in town. She's a very free-spirited character. She's very free and
open with her body.
Speaking of which, does Eve, uh, make Dawson a man? 
[*laughs*] I can't really reveal whether or not that happens, but I 
do attempt to de-virginize him. I think they've never seen such a 
wild character on the show. It brings in a a little reality; it'll add a 
little something. 
How similar are you and Eve? 
The only similarity is that I've always been comfortable in my own 
skin. I feel 
pretty confident. I feel like I know myself pretty well, and I think the
character does, too. That's the only similarity though. People on set 
laugh because I show up to work in my jeans, tank top and my 
Bohemian jewelry, and then I go and change into these tight tops and
mini-skirts. It's so not me, but it's fun. 
Do you think the show paints a realistic picture of high school? 
It does, and that's one thing I really like about it. They've dealt with 
peer pressure. I think they dealt with drugs once. It's definitely realistic. 
Any pranksters on the set?  
Of course, Josh. I mean, every day he comes in with something new. 
He never stops: he's a constant entertainer. 
We interviewed James Van Der Beek and he's just too nice. What 
gives? Can you tell us anything scandalous about him? 
Ummm....Well, I can tell you that he's a really good kisser. 
Well that's something. Is he really just the nicest guy? 
Oh, totally. I had heard he was a little shy at first, kind of does 
his own thing. But from day one, he was so welcoming to me. I just
have nothing bad to say about him-he's so great. 
Josh or James? 
Probably a mixture of the two because Josh is really wacky, wild and
just out to have a great time. James is more levelheaded and 
mellower, and I think I'm kind of a mixture of the two. I can have 
my mellow days and I can have my party days. 
How is Dawson's Creek different from Sweet Valley High? 
Sometimes I forget how high-profile the show is. I was on a plane 
the other day and someone had seen the preview and asked me, 
"Oh, are you going to be the new girl on Dawson's Creek?" I was like,
"What? How in the world did you know that?" And the writing is just so
interesting. There's comedy, drama, sexual overtones. We sit around 
at a table-read and I am just blown away at how talented this group is. 
Since Creek creator, Kevin Williamson is working on so many other 
projects, is being on the show a security card for later opportunities? 
To be on the this type of show helps you so much in your career. I 
don't feel like I've "made" it yet, but I think working on the show is 
a step in the right direction. I've already gotten other offers just from
the previews {*laughs*} So it's just amazing. I get to work with great 
actors, great writers, great directors. 
Do you miss working with your twin sister? 
I do, because I'm so far away from her. I'm actually flying home to 
see her today, and I can't wait. She's already come down to the set 
once and she's going to be flying back with me. I miss it, because I 
feel like we work really well together -we're so close and we feed off 
of each other very well. She's decided that she's getting into 
photography and she's not really interested in acting anymore. It's 
actually ideal, because I'm doing the acting and she does all of my 
press stuff. 
I take it the competition has diminished? 
In this business, when it's already competitive, to sit in a lobby for 
an audition with your twin sister for the same part is hard. It doesn't 
matter how well you get along: there's always competition that's 
thrown in your face. So I feel like there's always that sibling rivalry, 
but with us-and I'm not trying to sound sweet-we're really supportive
of one another. We live with each other in L.A. and we're each other's
number one fans. 
Did you ever pull the twin switch when you were in school? 
We did that once in the fifth grade. We grew up with so many other 
sets of twins. There were three other sets of twins and we all switched 
the same day. In my high school, there were about eight or nine sets 
of twins. There must be something in the water, I swear?
When filming gets hectic, what do you do to relax? 
I meditate, go on hikes, spend time by myself. My sign is Pisces. I'm 
such a water person. That's why I love it here (in Wilmington, NC where 
Dawson's creek is filmed) There's water all around. So I can just sit on 
the dock and reconnect with my soul. 
What are the key things you look for in a guy? 
Loyalty and security. I find that being in this business, traveling 
around, I need someone who's happy and comfortable in his own skin.
I want them to have found happiness within themselves and add 
something to my life. Also someone who can make me laugh-it's 
What's your favorite scene on a guy? 
I know this sounds so funny, but I love the smell of Right Guard 
deodorant. I think it's "Fresh Scent" or "Sport Scent" {*laughs*}
It has this cologne scent to it. I don't like high-maintenance men 
at all. I like a little bit more of the rugged type.
If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be? 
Audrey Hepburn. I just think she's just so classy. You see all of 
these girls wearing this gross, heavy makeup: I just don't get that 
whole lanky, skinny model look at all. 
With everything going on so well for you, have you already begun 
dreading that you might get killed off, like poor, drunk Abby, drowning
in the river and all? 
Right now, I'm a recurring character; and a lot of people have been 
asking me that. I love Wilmington. It's such a great cast and crew. I 
feel like a part of a family. I'll be honest with you: I'm just really 
enjoying the moment .
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