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... Jeremy Garrett 
April 14, 2001, 9.30 a
Interviewing Actor Jeremy Garrett:
by Chris Lamb            
Jeremy Garrett is one of those people who assumes the world is his 
oyster and therefore it is. A world traveler, heíd undoubtedly have a 
flourishing career as a photographer right now if it wasnít for that 
other Garrett hobby, acting. Maybe itís because actors are usually 
free-spirits, maybe its because Jeremy Garrett is a charming and
pleasant guy to be around, but this is someone who takes each life 
step with pleasure.
Many fans will recognize Jeremy as Todd from Sweet Valley High. It 
was as Todd that Jeremy first found Hollywood success and it has 
never left him. More recent roles in Legacy and The WBís Jack & Jill 
(Jeremy plays Audreyís new room-mate, Russell) ensures that either 
this actor has more luck than the Irish or is really good at what he
does. Hollywood being what it is, I would guess that being Jeremy 
Garrett involves a bit of both.
Jeremy recently spoke with An eager and fun 
person, Jeremy had a lot to tell us.
Jeremy, how do you relate to your character Russell on Jack & Jill?
Jeremy: Russell is an aspiring actor / stand-up comedian in New 
York. Heís looking for a place to live in New York City and he comes 
across Jaime Presslyís apartment. She thinks itís ok because he has 
a girlfriend but he really doesnít. Itís interesting because heís a bit 
of a hardhead and so is she and I think thatís why theyíre attracted 
to each other; itís a love-hate type of thing. They see each other as
a challenge. So yeah, it's a little bit different than being myself 
because Iím mellower than Russell.
Is it a challenge to play him?
Jeremy: No it isnít because I know a lot of people who are like him. 
A couple of my friends are just like him so I tend to resort to first-
hand experiences with those people.
How are you fitting in with the cast?
Jeremy: You know itís interesting because I only work with Jaime. 
Isnít that wild? I only work with her because Russell and her live
together and all the other characters have their storylines going 
and they never intertwine. Of course Iíve met them all at the table
Youíre not a full-time character on this show yet, are you?
Jeremy: No, Iím a reoccurring guest star. Weíll have to wait and see
how this season is going to go.
Now Jack & Jill will be replaced by Felicity shortly on The WB. Is that
the end of the season for you?
Jeremy: Yes. You have the official word on that. Thatís it.
Youíve had other drama experiences as well, Buffy, Sabrina, and Get 
Real, Iím wondering which experience you liked best?
Jeremy: I think Buffy was the most fun because I got to play a real jerk
who gets really beat up by Buffy. It was so much fun. That was a while 
ago now. She slams my head against the steering wheel of a car and 
breaks my nose. Of course we had to choreograph everything so it 
becomes something like a dance. It looks real but no one gets hurt.
You played Todd in Sweet Valley High.
Jeremy: All the way backÖ
Yeah, weíre going back to the beginning now.
Jeremy: Oh God, Iím feeling old.
What do you remember the most about Sweet Valley High?
Jeremy: I just remember that that was the first thing. Iíd never been 
in this town before or seen the working environment on a television 
set. I was going crazy working every day for two years straight and
getting to do something I love, it was a privilege.
I remember my good friend Cynthia Daniel, she played my girlfriend 
Elizabeth and she was such a sweetheart. She was the most kind, 
giving, helping person and she made things a lot easier on me. Weíve
kept in touch over the years. She played my girlfriend so we were 
always together and we just had a blast. We became like brother and 
sister, it was a lot of fun.
Do you find that most actors become better friends if their characters
are in a relationship?
Jeremy: I think itís only natural that it happens. Unless thereís some
really conflicting personalities. But because you do work with that one
person everyday or you have to pretend that youíre in love, I think itís
only natural to really get to know that person. You grow a little bit closer
than you do with the other cast members.
Was it hard to break out of the Todd persona once Sweet Valley High
Jeremy: Well, for some reason it wasnít that hard for me. I think a lot 
of that has to do with casting directors and for me it wasnít that difficult. 
For a period of about six months, Iíd gotten into that  character so 
much that when I went in to audition for other roles, it was hard. You 
start to relate every role to how you have been playing your other 
character for so long. I realized that, hold on, I canít play every role 
like a young jock at a high school, I have to become someone else. 
But it wasnít hard for me, thank-goodness. One of the reasons I chose
my role in Legacy, a period piece, is because it was the furthest thing
from a high-school kid.
Would you do another period piece?
Jeremy: I donít know if Iíd do another TV show like that but Iíd die to
do a movie period piece. Iíd do them for the rest of my life. Theyíre
so much fun. They really transport you out of reality and out of this 
Can you tell me about your recent movie, The A-List?
Jeremy: Oh, the A-List! Oh, yeah, thatís a great one. Itís a short 
movie and itís a spoof about Hollywood where Jesus comes in and 
tells someone to make a movie, itís hilarious. I play a real jerk of 
an actor, someone so full of himself. He talks to his agent about 
how he wants to do period pieces because period pieces win 
Oscars. It was really fun. I donít know when thatís coming out but
it is completed.
Letís talk about you more personally. I understand you were in 
training to become a photographer?
Jeremy: I grew up in San Diego and my dad bought me a camera
one day. He said that I should take a photography class. I thought,
ĎUgh, what am I going to do with a camera, Iíll be stuck taking family
photos all the time.í But you know what, I fell in love with it. Then I 
started assisting a photographer in San Diego and then here in LA.
I wanted to go into fashion photography, travel around the world 
doing pictorials for magazines, Iím so into that. But sometimes
you have two loves and you have to decide which one is loving
you more.
I have two more questions for you Jeremy. Theyíre abstract 
questions but they might provide an interesting answer.
One: If you could live in any time in history for one year, when
would it be?
Jeremy: Wow. For some reason thatís one of the toughest 
questions anyone has ever asked me. Thereís so many amazing 
times and so many huge events that went down in history that itís 
hard to choose just one. Well, I donít think I can pick one specific 
time but as far as a period that would have been interesting to live
in, Iíd pick the Renaissance. That would have been a wild time if 
you werenít poor. If you were poor then it wouldnít be such a wild 
time because there was no middle class. But I think it would have
been so decadent, it would have been a blast.
Two: If you could give advice on how to live life, what would you 
Jeremy: As far as working, I always say that if you choose a job 
you love then youíll never work a day in your life, meaning that 
youíre not forced to do anything and if thereís something you really 
love to do, then you need to try it. That way work will be a pleasure
to you and youíll feel fulfilled from it. If you donít take a risk I really
donít think youíll be happy. Not deadly risks but risks in life in the
sense of a career because you can always get back up and go do
something else.
As a closing question, what are you working on now?
Jeremy: I wish I could tell you I was starring next to Al Pacino but
I canít. Right now weíre in pilot season and weíre looking for a good 
pilot to do. Possibly there are some films in the works but we shall
Best of luck to you, Jeremy.
Jeremy: Thank-you very much.
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