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... Brittany Daniel 
a 1992 issue of "Teen Party" 
  Lovin' life since Swans Crossing hit the airwaves? You're not alone! We
recently chatted with some of the show's stars. . .check it out:            
Teen Party: People have been making comparisons to your show and 
90210. What do you guys feel about that?
Kristen [Mahon]: Well I think there are a lot of differences between our 
show and 90210. First of all, we're different ages. We're a lot younger 
than the people on that show are. And we deal with different things. 
People can just sit back and relax and watch our show.
Evan [Ferrante]: Everyone compares our show to 90210. . .but 90210 
deals with more social issues. We sort of do, but we don't hit you over 
the head with it. It's just a great entertainment show. . .I love it! I would
watch it, I swear!
Alex [Tanaka]: It's nothing like 90210. . .the guys are better looking! 
No, just kidding. . .I've only seen that show once.
Stacey [Moseley]: It's just that we're a fantasy show. . .and we don't 
have like a life-threatening topic every single day!
Teen Party: Are you guys at all like your characters?
Sarah [Michelle Gellar]: Well Sydney is kind of like the town witch. She 
doesn't really care about anyone else's feelings and she feels that  
everything revolves around her, and it usually does. I guess there are 
always similarities and differences, but I try to keep the bad parts of 
Sydney out of my life.
Shane [McDermott]: Garrett is so conceited. . .he's good looking and 
rich. . .and he gets all the women. I'm a lot like him only I'm not as 
conceited. You wouldn't believe how conceited he is. But it's so much 
fun to play someone so rich and conceited!
Carisa [Dahlbo]: I am a lot like Glory because I'll do anything for 
anybody. . .I can never say no! Well, with certain things I can, but for 
the most part if somebody asks me to do something for them I'll 
always do it! But if somebody makes me mad, I'll speak up and tell 
them. Glory won't do that, she lets people walk all over her. And Glory's
shy. . . I'm very outgoing!
Brittany [Daniel]: I think I'm like Mila in some ways, but she likes to 
wear pink all the time, and she's really prissy. I like to wear jeans, 
and black! So I guess I'm a little wilder than she is!
Teen Party: Any funny or embarassing things happen on the set?   
Sarah: We were all filming in Florida in the middle of the winter but the
weather was beautiful! Then the guy who plays J.T., Tom, goes "Okay
everybody don't all look at once but there's a naked man on the fifth
floor." So of course all of a sudden at the same time everyone's head
goes up "Whooosh!" This guy was just standing there on the terrace 
with no clothes on, videotaping what was going on at the pool! We 
almost died.
Stacey: Well, I crashed my motorcycle. They told me like two minutes
before the scene that I had to ride a motorcycle. They just said, "Here.
. .ride, have fun!" So I crashed. I only rode about three feet but I
Teen Party: Tell us something about yourselves. . .      
Shane: My full name is Shane Francis McDermott, and I'm 5'9". I was 
born in Middletown, New York on April 24, 1976. When I was two we 
moved to Texas and I lived there in Houston for twelve years. I love to 
travel, I love to meet people, and I used to be a gymnast!
Sarah: I'm Sarah Gellar and I'm 5'3" but working on more height. I was
born on April 14, 1977 and I've lived in Manhattan all my life. . .well I
lived in L.A. for about a year and I loved it! I was a figure skater and
I took competitive Tae Kwon Do. I was two belts away from my black 
belt, and I came in fourth place in a competition. But what I really 
wanted to do was acting and that took up too much of my time. . .so I 
gave up the other stuff.
Carisa: I'm Carisa and I'm 4'9" and I hope to grow. I'm fifteen and I 
was born on Feb. 12. I've been dancing since I was three and I've 
been in a lot of dance competitions. When I was in fifth grade I did 
a commercial for Buttercrust bread, completely by accident. But I do
remember being a little girl and having people come up to me and 
say, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" And I would always
say, "Famous!" But it took me a long time to convince my parents to
let me start acting!
Eddie [Robinson]: My name is Eddie Tyclus Robinson and I'm 14 
years old. I was born on April 2, 1978 and my first big acting role was
on The Cosby Show. I played Dan, this nerd from the community center.
Teen Party: Do you guys play practical jokes on the set?
Brittany: We try to crack the guys up and stuff by talking in funny 
voices. Then we'll try to distract them by making kissing noises and
things like that.
Shane: Yeah, we all like to joke around a lot! But we haven't had a lot 
of time to play any serious jokes on one another. . .yet!
Teen Party: How did you get started in show business?
Alex: Well I liked this girl and she was an actress and I wanted to 
impress her so I took acting classes to meet her. . .then I forgot about 
the girl and fell in love with acting. This is my first role, though!
Brittany: I live in Florida and I did a lot of commercials and stuff like
that. My twin sister and I did a Doublemint Gum commercial. . .that was
my first role.
Kristen: I started out doing a lot of commercials when I was younger 
and stuff like that. But my first big role was in Gypsy. I did Gypsy for
three years.
Teen Party: Anything else you guys want to add?
Evan: I just want to say that I couldn't have done this without my 
Eddie: Yes, our parents have all been very supportive.           
Sarah: We'd all like to thank our parents!
Teen Party: You just did. . .and thank you guys!
 1992 Teen Party           
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