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... Jeremy Garrett 
January 30, 2001 
TV Guide Online: Tonight we are chatting with Jeremy Garrett about 
his upcoming appearance on Jack and Jill. Thanks for joining us 
tonight Jeremy!
Garrett: Hello everybody.
Question: What is your character's role?
Garrett: My character's role on Jack and Jill, his name is Russell
James. And he is living in New York. He just broke up with his 
girlfriend. He's into stand up comedy, although we never get to see
him perform. He needs a place to stay and it just so happens that 
Jaime Pressley's character, Audrey has an open room and that's it. 
And the sexual tension builds and builds and builds until finally 
something happens.
Question: I missed last week's J&J episode, but I read somewhere
you were playing Audrey's "Perpetually nude roommate". True? and
if so, how is it to play that kind of role?
Garrett: Oh boy that's right. Oh God. How do you know that?!? You
guys! You're so connected, aren't you? It is true. My character likes
to sleep in the nude and since he's paying for half the apartment, 
why can't he walk around the house like it's his own house. Audrey 
comes across him a couple of times. It's done like Austin Powers. 
The fruit bowl is strategically placed. After a while of walking around 
without clothes on, you get confidence.
Question: How many episodes were you in?
Garrett: Jack & Jill only shot 13 this season, so I'm in the last four 
or five. I think it's four, maybe five. Honest to God I don't know. 
It's going to be a very interesting season for them.
Question: What can we expect with Russell and Audrey?
Garrett: We can expect, they're personalities are very similar. I 
think that's why in the beginning that they really don't get along. 
They sort of beat heads together. For Russell, this type of "tough 
chick" is very attractive. So it's only a matter of time till the 
attraction grows, but I'm not going to tell you what happens.
Question: What is the best thing about working on this type of 
Garrett: I like this type of show, cause it's I guess you can call
it a dramady. Things never get to heavy, and if they do there 
is the comic relief to lighten the mood. Then you get a taste of 
everything, comedy and drama.
Question: What episode of Buffy were you in? 
Garrett: Oh boy. I played Cameron the head of the swim team.
I got turned into a fish monster. Buffy kicked my ass. That was 
the only time a girl ever kicked my ass. She just rammed me. 
Broke my nose. Just my character.
Question: Do you have any dramatic roles that you're working 
Garrett: This past year, I completed a film called My Father's 
House which shot in Baltimore. That's still in post production. 
Hopefully, that will be coming out someday. Right now there 
are a couple of things but nothing is definite yet. 
Question: What do you do for fun, when you aren't working?
Garrett: In my spare time, I really love to write and when I 
was younger, and I still am very into photography. I'm hoping
it's going to segue into directing. And when it's not business
related I love to travel. If I have any time free and a gap in 
schedule where nothing is happening, I like to just pack my 
bags and go.
Question: We're wondering, are you single right now?
Garrett: Oh God. I am. I'm completely single.
Question: Did you bond with your cast when you first started
the show?
Garrett: This show was very interesting to do because the 
only person I have interacting with or scenes with was Jaime
Pressley. It was me and her in the apartment. And yea I had 
a great time with her. That's the only time I've worked with 
one person. There are six other people on the show, I work 
with one. I did meet with everybody when we'd read through 
scripts and stuff. But acting with only her. Which was fine 
with me.
Question: I absolutely LOVE the show and I am happy to 
see there will be a new face on the show soon. 
Garrett: Me too. I think it is a really good show. It's written
really well.
Question: Who are some of your favorite actors and actresses?
Garrett: Oh boy. Right now. Of course there are always the 
legend guys for me. Al Pacino. I loved the whole montage and 
award he got on the Golden Globes. I think Ed Norton is amazing.
Sean Penn is great. Jean Reno. You know who else is good is Ben
Stiller. I love Ben Stiller. That's a good bunch, right?
Question: Do you do much theatre? Will you soon, do you think?
Garrett: I grew up doing theatre. That's where I started. In San 
Diego we have the Old Globe theatre which is very well known. I 
grew up having season tickets to the Globe. My parents loved the
theatre, and I performed there. Yes I do want to go back and do
theatre. That's the best training and the best experience that you
can every have in the acting world. At the same time there are 
things that television and film allow you do. Right now I'm having
fun exploring this end of the craft.
Question: If you weren't acting, what do you think you would be
doing? Did you ever want to do anything else?
Garrett: If I wasn't acting, I really want to direct. That is really 
big on my list. I've been obsessed with photography since I was 
16. I have a darkroom and I've got thousands of photos from all
over the world. Being on set you get to work with different directors
every week. It's something I have to try. It's something I really
want to do.
Question: So are you definitely coming back next season on J&J, 
assuming there is another season?
Garrett: If the show doesn't even know if it's coming back, they 
don't even know if the characters are coming back. So that is a 
long way away.
Question: Where do you see yourself, Jeremy, in 20 years?
Garrett: In 20 years I'll be 30. No...In 20 years from now, oh boy!
In 20 years, you know it's funny, I have a necklace that my
grandmother gave me. My family is Italian and the necklace says
More than yesterday, less than tomorrow. Which means basically,
focus on today. I've always had a problem focusing on the future.
You never get to enjoy the moment, so I don't have an answer. 
The best thing you can hope for is peace of mind. That will be 
great. As long as I have that I'll be fine.
Question: You've done some traveling, where was your favorite 
Garrett: My family lives in Italy so for me it's just one of the best 
places in the world. Europe in general is great. I've been all over. 
Every city that I've been too has different aspects to make you 
stay there. Prague is in the top three. Just the original architecture
gives it points. The French Rivera is gorgeous. I don't think I've 
ever not liked anyplace I've been. Everyplace you go, for instance
Tokyo is a great city. You learn about other cultures that you don't
get to appreciate it, unless you get to see it. When you get thrown
in the middle of it. If you've got a little extra money coming to you 
and you really want that new car stereo or you saw the new 
wardrobe that you really really want. Or just anything that you want
and you know you can do without for a little while. Take that little
chunk of change and just plop it down on a plane ticket and just go
away. That's how I think most of the time. Unless I see some really
great shoes. 
Question: Do you have a fan club or web site we can write to you at?
And do you answer your mail?
Garrett: Yes I do have a fan site. Some lovely girls who really 
appreciate what I've done have started a fan site. You can find it 
through Yahoo. Just punch up my name. A lot of the times I do
answer my mail on the web.
TV Guide Online: Thanks Jeremy! Looking forward to seeing you, 
(and SO much of you, too! LOL) on Jack & Jill.
Garrett: Thank you guys.            
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