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... Jeremy Garrett 
Interview - Jeremy Garrett            
Everybody's wondering who Audrey's naked roommate is. Well, 
stop  wondering and read the interview with Jack & Jill's 
Jeremy Garrett.
The WB: Tell us a bit about your Jack & Jill character, Russell. 
Jeremy: He's a stand-up comedian living in New York. He just
moved into Audrey's apartment. He's hard-headed and a little 
bit confrontational. In fact, he's a lot like Audrey, which is why 
I think he begins to like her so much. He's definitely the kind 
of guy who likes a challenge. 
The WB: What's it like working so, uh, closely with Jaime Pressly,
who plays Audrey? 
Jeremy: You know, when you do a new show, it's like getting 
thrown into a new family, and a lot of times, you don't know 
who you're going to get thrown in with. With Jaime it was a lot
of fun, because I can joke around with her. I can play with her,
so that's always nice. I don't think she takes herself too 
seriously, which is always a good thing. 
The WB: You were on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. How does that 
compare with Jack & Jill? 
Jeremy: I sort of prefer my character on Jack & Jill because 
it's real. It's twentysomething, it's New York, it's fun. It's 
real stuff. On Buffy, I played a fish monster. I was captain 
of the swim team. It was fun! I got my ass kicked by Sarah 
Michelle Gellar, but I couldn't really relate to being a fish
monster. [Laughs] 
The WB: A recent episode of Jack & Jill had your character 
walking around naked. How did that go? 
Jeremy: It actually was fun because after a while of not 
having clothes on, you start to feel that you can do 
The WB: Did you feel self-conscious at first? 
Jeremy: Not really. For some reason, when the director 
said, "Jeremy, we're going to have to give you a sock," 
literally, I was like, "Oh, okay." And then once you do it,
you just do it, and it's done. I think it had a lot to do with
the people on set. Everyone is really professional. So it 
was nice. 
The WB: Do you normally walk around naked in real life? 
Jeremy: No. 
The WB: I understand that you're also a photographer. When 
did you become involved with photography? 
Jeremy: My father bought me a camera when I was 16, and he 
said, "I want you to take a photography class." And I was like, 
"Ech. What am I going to take pictures of?" And you know what?
I fell in love with it. I started taking pictures, and at age 17 I was
assisting fashion photographers in San Diego and up here [L.A.]. 
I was in love with it. Of course, a part of me probably just wanted
an excuse to be around beautiful women. 
The WB: What images attract you? 
Jeremy: People. I love taking pictures of people, especially in 
Europe. You walk around and everybody's kissing. There's always
this great stuff going on, great candid moments. 
The WB: Do you usually ask people's permission before you take 
their picture? 
Jeremy: Oh no. If you ask, you're probably not going to get it. I 
shoot a lot of things with a wide-angle lens and, because it's so 
wide, you can literally be pointing 4-6 feet off of the subject and 
still get them. So a lot of times they don't know I'm taking their 
picture. It's pretty cool. 
The WB: So you're like a paparazzo of civilians. 
Jeremy: Exactly! But that's nice because then they carry on in a 
natural way and don't get all self-conscious about someone taking
their picture. 
The WB: So what's next for you, after Jack & Jill that is? 
Jeremy: You know what? I haven't relaxed in a long time. It's 
hard to relax in Los Angeles. The city is a very stressful place 
many times. There's tons of cars, tons of people, business going 
on every minute of the day. It's hard to relax in this city. I think
you have to remove yourself from the city to truly relax. I love to
travel. Love it. So who knows... 
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