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Yahoo! Chat
Friday, April 6 , 4pm ET/1pPT 
y_chat_diva: Hello and welcome everyone
y_chat_diva: Thanks for joining us today
y_chat_diva: We've got a great chat for you today
y_chat_diva: with actress Brittany Daniel
y_chat_diva: She stars in the new comedy "Joe Dirt"
y_chat_diva: with David Spade and Kid Rock
y_chat_diva: Please welcome Brittany Daniel to Yahoo! Chat
y_chat_diva: Hello and welcome!
brittany_daniel_live: Hey y'all!
brittany_daniel_live: Thank you so much for coming in to listen 
and chat!
brittany_daniel_live: :)
jenny15cutie: hello there,.... 
scott26_1998: Hi Brittany.
mokeitup: how could you not laugh every time you looked 
at david and he had on that mullet
brittany_daniel_live: It was really hard not to laugh every time 
with that crazy hairdo but what was even worse were his neon 
green acid washed jeans!
brittany_daniel_live: With crazy rocker t-shirts!
d_j_d_money: hello brittany, first I want to say I think you
are absolutely drop dead georgous, but my question is, 
how funny was it working with david spade on this movie.
to me he is one of the funniest actors out there.
brittany_daniel_live: Thank you very much for the nice 
compliment! I'll refer the message to my parents :) David Spade
was a blast to work with. He's so free with improvising.
brittany_daniel_live: And ad-libbing on set!
brittany_daniel_live: he's so good about making everyone feel
so comfortable and on the same level.
scribble_kid: Hi Brittany, do you have a website?
brittany_daniel_live: yes someone made it
for me.
brittany_daniel_live: you can also see me on
Nike_Alpha: I saw a sneak preview of Joe Dirt this past 
Wednesday and thought it was very funny. I also thought 
you did a great job on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.
My question is who do you think is the coolest person you 
have met since you have been acting.
brittany_daniel_live: hrmm.....
brittany_daniel_live: now you're making me think!
brittany_daniel_live: Questions like that drive me crazy! Let's
see... who have I met recently?
brittany_daniel_live: The coolest... first all, thanks!
brittany_daniel_live: The coolest person I'd ever met I'd have to
say would be Lenny Kravitz.
jppx109: How was Christopher Walken like, to work with??
brittany_daniel_live: My first scene up was with David Spade, 
Rosanna Arquette and Christopher Walken. I was petrified I would 
screw up my lines.
brittany_daniel_live: But he was a true gentleman. I feel honored
to have worked with him.
dthomasc_2000: Brittany, do you plan to work with your 
sister again?
brittany_daniel_live: She's no longer acting.
brittany_daniel_live: She's not in the business anymore. Soon
after we finished Sweet Valley High... Cynthia decided she would
stop acting and pursue her passion of Photography.
goddessofthegalaxies: Brittany...was Kid Rock the bad ass
you here about all the time, or a comitted worker?
brittany_daniel_live: Of course Kid Rock is a BAD ASS! But he
was unbelievably professional and talented.
brittany_daniel_live: I think he's going to go very far in the acting 
Napios: Your role on Dawson's was a bit....saucy....what type
of roles are you looking for now? 
brittany_daniel_live: I had such an amazing time on Joe Dirt. It
was like being at summer camp.
brittany_daniel_live: I would love to do another zany comedy or
a romantic comedy. It's so nice to go to work every day and just
angelbabe922: Where can we write for autographs??
brittany_daniel_live: I do have some fan mail service but I'm 
not sure where to send it. Maybe.... you can send your fan letters 
to my AGENCY
brittany_daniel_live: Endeavor is the agency. I'll send the address
in a few minutes.
waldok20: what was it like to do the cover of STUFF magazine?
you looked very spectacular, but i'm sure you know that.
brittany_daniel_live: A girl can always use a nice compliment here 
and there. Thank you!
brittany_daniel_live: I was a little nervous about the cover. It's 
such a sexy magazine!
brittany_daniel_live: I'm looking to go for a little more of a 
wholesome image. So shooting STUFF, I wanted to make sure it was
sexy yet classy.
brittany_daniel_live: But I'm really really glad for the way it turned out.
fantasy9203: in the movie who do you play and why did you choose 
to except the part?
brittany_daniel_live: In JOE DIRT, I play the role of Brandy.
brittany_daniel_live: I'm the character that David Spade and Kid Rock
fight out throughout the film. I was drawn to this part because I'm
usually offered the vixen or temptress roles and I thought it would be 
nice the play the sweet virginal character.
brittany_daniel_live: :)
Nike_Alpha: Where do you call home?
brittany_daniel_live: I'm originally from Gainesville FL but I live in 
West Hollywood for the time being...
scottyboy555: do you like living in L.A.?
brittany_daniel_live: I think there are a lot of opportunities in LA for 
my acting career but in an ideal world I'd like to live in a less busy city.
brittany_daniel_live: I'd like to live somewhere in the country with a 
bunch of animals.
Alesis_QS8: brittany I was once the designer for the sweet valley 
books at daniel weiss... just wanted to say its nice to see you
on in your career, and nice pics in maxim
brittany_daniel_live: Thank you so much for following my career! I 
miss SWEET VALLEY HIGH dearly!
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