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Friday, April 6 , 4pm ET/1pPT 
nicktaker: so what kind of music do you like to listen to?
brittany_daniel_live: All types of music!
brittany_daniel_live: One of my favorites, "John Lee Hooker", Lenny 
Kravitz and most recently, Sister Hazel's new CD
scribble_kid: Brittany, do yopu prefer goofy comedy, or a more subtle
comedy style? 
brittany_daniel_live: if a movie has both then I'm thoroughly excited!
scottyboy555: hi brittany! you're beautiful! what is a perfect day 
for you?
brittany_daniel_live: :)
brittany_daniel_live: if I'm able to drive down to the beach, and have
breakfast on the water.... then walk in the sand!
stjohn_alum: gainesville here....we're very proud of you
brittany_daniel_live: go gators!
mike84107: What will we see you in next?
brittany_daniel_live: I'm working really hard right now to get a job
before the Strike!
ejacksity: What's it like having such good looking people in your 
family? I'm sure you get so many people asking how you and your 
sister came out so perfect.
brittany_daniel_live: awww... I really don't know how to answer that
but thank you so much for the beautiful compliments!
masked_redneck: I gues it si safe to say that David spades charcter
is a redneck, being a florida girl, how so you think he did on the
redneck scale of one to ten?
brittany_daniel_live: I know many guys down in Gainesville that 
have the old Mullet! 
brittany_daniel_live: I'd have to give him an 11
eternallove_2001uk: what did you enjoy most about Dawson's Creek?
brittany_daniel_live: I'd shoot all week long and then jet ski and 
barbecue all weekend!
brittany_daniel_live: The thing I enjoyed most was shooting down
in Wilmington NC! 
brittany_daniel_live: it was such a grounded group of actors working
down in Wilmington. I love them!
Napios: do you stay in such incredible shape?
brittany_daniel_live: I try to be very realistic with my workout and 
eating regiment. I don't wanna be a little scrawny model.
brittany_daniel_live: I just eat healthy, work out and drink a lot of 
brittany_daniel_live: There's no way I could ever starve myself. I 
just love to eat!
brittany_daniel_live: ...
uncle_donny: What was your most funny out-take in joe dirt
brittany_daniel_live: I don't know if we had any. I'll think about it!
mike84107: I like you hair was it a hard decision to cut it
brittany_daniel_live: I couldn't wait for the last day of SWEET VALLEY
HIGH cause I just wanted to chop that long hair off. It wasn't a hard 
choice at all. I really wanted to change my look!
mike84107: Is it still difficult when you are between jobs?
brittany_daniel_live: that's a daily struggle for me.
brittany_daniel_live: it's very difficult. Hard to keep a balance and 
healthy lifestyle knowing that work will build itself. I have to have 
patience and trust that I will work again!!!
brittany_daniel_live: :)
brittany_daniel_live: My main goal in life right now is to just enjoy
the moment and enjoy what I have.
Buff4life16: What is the most exotic place you have visited?
brittany_daniel_live: I'd have to say.... the most beautiful place 
was Paris!
Napios: What is "Joe Dirt" rated?
brittany_daniel_live: JOE DIRT is PG 13 !
xmen2010: Where did you go to school?
brittany_daniel_live: Gainesville HS in Florida
crazydude4eva: when you see a guy what do you look for?
brittany_daniel_live: If a guy makes my laugh, he's worth my heart
bicandee: You know this question was coming... single? 
brittany_daniel_live: :)
brittany_daniel_live: yeah, I'm single. Why, any takers?
brittany_daniel_live: ;)
bicandee: Is there any chance you will be making a guest 
appearance on Just Shoot Me? 
brittany_daniel_live: David and I joked about it all the time.
We'll see if he follows through with it. I've gone to see them
tape JUST SHOOT ME and it's such a hilarious show.
ellatino6979772: so brittany, how was the premire of joe dirt?
was it a big turn out
brittany_daniel_live: it was a very big turnout. I was unbelievably
excited to hear Sean and Robin Penn showed up with their 
children and laughed hysterically.
waldok20: if you could describe yourself as a fruit, what fruit 
would it be and why?
brittany_daniel_live: a Georgia peach.
brittany_daniel_live: I'm a southern girl and I think I'm pretty
sseexxyy9991: brittany_daniel_live im all the way from oz any
I just whanted to no if u have ever been over here
brittany_daniel_live: I've never visited Australia, but if you send
me a plane ticket, I'm on my way!
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