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Friday, April 6 , 4pm ET/1pPT 
eddy_santa: how did u get the role in Dawsons Creek
brittany_daniel_live: My agent sent me the script for Dawson's 
Creek and immediately I knew it was my part. I auditioned three
times for it and ... miraculously....
scottyboy555: can you go to the grocery show,etc. without being
recognized or bugged?
brittany_daniel_live: it's very easy to go there living in LA cause 
nobody really cares who you are.
bicandee: Who is older our of you and your sis?
brittany_daniel_live: I'm five minutes older and believe me, I rub 
that in her face everyday!!!!
zaac88: Where there any animals harmed in the making of Joe Dirt?
brittany_daniel_live: If you're referring to the dog's genitals.....
brittany_daniel_live: no, that sweet little dog was not harmed.
brittany_daniel_live: ...
dthomasc_2000: Brittany, who would you like to work with in the
brittany_daniel_live: Julia Roberts and Shirley MacLaine! Maybe 
one day they'll make Steel Magnolias II. If I'm lucky!
hugandkiss_77: Is this just going to be another There's Something
About Mary?
brittany_daniel_live: If you're looking for a zany and wacky comedy,
this is your movie!
brittany_daniel_live: It's jut a fun and lighthearted Saturday 
afternoon movie that will make you laugh.
grownboy2: will there ever be a Sweet Valley High reunion?
brittany_daniel_live: Uhhhmmmmm..... Well, it didn't work for the 
Brady Bunch so why push it?
brittany_daniel_live: I very seriously doubt we'd have a Sweet 
Valley High Reunion but I do miss shooting the show.
brittany_daniel_live: :(
tchalien: Was David Spade a normal guy, or did you always try to
make a joke?
brittany_daniel_live: Well, who IS normal?
brittany_daniel_live: He's so unbelievably sweet and caring. He
makes you laugh every other minute.
brittany_daniel_live: If I ever step out of line, my twin sister will 
slap me silly.
girlformerlyknownas: Do you ever have trouble staying grounded in
your line of work?
brittany_daniel_live: So I never fear that I'll get a big head.
brittany_daniel_live: If I ever step out of line, my twin sister will slap
me silly.
blancirie: did you hear david spade on howard this morning?
brittany_daniel_live: No, I didn't! I was busy promoting the movie
all morning. I'm sure he was hilarious as usual.
abbott_and_costello2000: WOULD YOU EVER HOS SNL IF YOU 
brittany_daniel_live: In a heartbeat!
brittany_daniel_live: :)
James_K_P: I'm not sure if anyone asked this, so I'll ask anyways,
reappearance on Dawson in the future?
brittany_daniel_live: It's always a possibility. I loved working on 
that show.
Buff4life16: Were you homecoming queen is high school?
brittany_daniel_live: Yes. I was
philipp_2: What films do you like? Some horror -films?
brittany_daniel_live: I like all types of movies but one that sticks
out in my head that I laughed my ass off for was SCARY MOVIE.
brittany_daniel_live: I like sick and twisted comedies.
cutie_pitutie1: Do you read any of the Sweet Valley books? 
brittany_daniel_live: Of course I did! That's the perfect gift to 
give a twin for her birthday.
brittany_daniel_live: Take a road trip across the United States 
by myself.
unknown_listening_in: when will the film be released in the UK,
brittany_daniel_live: I believe pretty close to the 11th of April
release of the US. Not sure.
shazrandi79: Hi Brittany...I'm Shaz and a have a question. Do you
ever have a twinge of jealousy or feel the rivalry between you 
and your twin?
brittany_daniel_live: I think it's only natural to have a small 
amount of competition.
brittany_daniel_live: But I'm so lucky to have such a supportive
and loving sister. Now that she's a photographer and I'm an 
actress... it's not so bad.
brittany_daniel_live: She even does my headshots!
brittany_daniel_live: It's very healthy for our relationship.
brittany_daniel_live: :)
shmavagr17: what doyou do for fun
brittany_daniel_live: I LOVE to travel. Hike. Snowboard. And one 
day I would LOVE to learn how to surf.
brittany_daniel_live: I tried it once in Maui and had SUCH a bad
experience... but I think it would be SOOO good for me.
brittany_daniel_live: I had a stupid instructor who took me sooooo
far out! I was hit on the head by the board sooo many times. It was
brittany_daniel_live: I don't know WHAT he was thinking!
brittany_daniel_live: ...
y_chat_diva: Thank you Brittany for joining us today!
brittany_daniel_live: Thank you so much for listening and Please 
please please go see my movie JOE DIRT!
            brittany_daniel_live: It opens April 11!
tohot4you0014: @---- a rose to britny
waldok20: thank you for answering my question, now I can die a 
happy man!!!! you are my hero!
goddessofthegalaxies: Bye Brittany!
kinsey90210: Thanks Brittany, you are awesome
digio1ca: Wait I love you
tohot4you0014: @---- @---- @---- more roses to u hoty
ellatino6979772: bye brittany, thanx for answering my question,
love ya!!!!!!!
goddessofthegalaxies: :x bye Brittany!!!
Cutter_Shotwell_21: Bye Brittany....Thanks so much!
shazrandi79: Bye bye!!
scottyboy555: britanny you're cool and sweet!
y_chat_diva: Thanks everyone
y_chat_diva: Have a great weekend!
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