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+ Old Updates +

50 pics of Brittany added to Brittany Daniel Gallery .
28 April 2002
I can't believe it. SWEET VALLEY HIGH CENTRAL is 1 year old. :)
Time passed so quickly. Also Cynthia is coming back on TV by appeaing
on "That '80s Show" It will be great to see both Brittany and Cynthia act
14 April 2002
Thanks Sarah for letting me be one of the sister sites . 
08 April 2002
Fixed the problems. The videos are now working. Also i have news to
tell u.
  1) Amy Danles (Enid)  appears in a new Volkswagen commercial.
  2) Cynthia Daniel (Liz) is engaged with Cole Hauser.
  3) Michael Perl (Winston) appears in a short film called "The Terrapin".
The film is only 12 seconds and will be released on 1 May 2002. Michael
plays Victor in the film. There aren't much info about the film.
  4) Brock Burnett guest-starred in the TV series " Star Trek :Voyager
as Male N.D.    
  5) Cynthia Daniel (Liz ) appears in a Edge shaving gel commercial
  6) Bridget Flanery stars in the School of Drama's production of A 
Streetcar Named Desire with William Thompson .
Here 's a picture from that play.
That's all for now...
07 April 2002
I know u have been waiting for updates. Here it comes. I have got 
exclusives just for u. I have added exclusive videos from the 
TV Show . They're in the multimedia section. Two of the videos 
aren't working but i'll fix them soon and i'll add more videos . hope
u'll like it. 
The show is now shown in NRW - a german TV .
14 February 2002
added a new section called  " LOVE TUNNEL". Click on the picture
below to enter.

11 February 2002
It had been a long time.I'm on holiday. I think i'll find time to fix
and update the site. Today I added a new gallery called "Daniel 
Twins Gallery" and uploaded many pics to the gallery "Brittany 
Daniel". Go and check them out. They're in the pictures section. 
21 January 2002
Many news to tell. Jeremy Vincent Garrett appeared in one or 
two episodes of Ally McBeal. Also Brittany's new TV sitcom starts
this Wednesday on FOX.So don't forget to check it out. While
surfing through the net , found Britt's new pics from the series.
18 January 2002
after a while here I'm. I'm trying to add new pics,stuff etc.
so keep checking out the site regularly.i added more cynthia pics
and pics of britt in Joe Dirt. there are many exclusives to come :)
10 December 2001
Added some pics from the episodes Season 1 > Almost Married
and Club X .They are in the pictures section .
16 November 2001
I added exclusive pics of Jeremy Garrett (from A-list ) and also 
Ryan James Bittle (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) .View them
11 November 2001
I added cast gallery .  Also Brittany will star in a new sitcom
called "Eighties".You can find more info here.   
29 October 2001
I added a new wallpaper . Also opened a new section named
"Hear the Music".  
19 October 2001
Brock Burnett's and Harley Rodriguez's addresses added to the
mailbox. Also I have done some changes to the cast section. 
News news news... Ryan James Bittle is in a new movie 
"Who's your daddy?" Also Manley has a band named "the 
Pope Band" .You can find more info about it at      
3 October 2001
Hi everyone
I'm here after a long time. I know I couldn't update the site . 
But I'll try to update it very soon . Also I opened the section
"mailbox" .You can find the mail addresses of the cast :)         
28 July 2001
Sorry for not updating the site for so long. I was busy making
new things.There are many updates today .First I added a 
new link . Also added Andrea Savage photo gallery, two 
interviews and a new section named 'Fashion Time'. 
23 July 2001 
It has been a long time since I updated the site. I was on 
holiday. Tomorrow i'll add some pix . Also I won a new
award from tsasy.Thanks Katie :)) I will try to update 
new things in the future .   
1 July 2001
I won an award from All Sweet Valley. Thanks Jenna for
that beautiful award :)
26 June 2001
Added two exclusive photo galleries. Michael Perl 
(Winston) and John Jocelyn (Regi Patman)  and also a 
new section called "SVH in pieces". It includes the photos
of the places and also the objects that are used in the 
TV show.   
24 June 2001
As summer came up ,I  started to update my site. Today 
I added two pictưure galleries ( Jeremy Vincent Garrett and
Amy Danles ) Enjoy the galleries   
12 June 2001
My exams are finished so I can find more time to update the
site. Today there are so many updates. Firstly two articles 
about Manley were added also the wallpapers section and
a new section named Create SVH are up. (You can find 
these sections in multimedia :)) )
7 June 2001
WOW! Can u believe it? I have won my first award from 
jsvsyp. Thanks Janneke for that perfect award :) also new
interviews added
4 June 2001
New updates ... :) I have added Ryan James Bittle gallery,
two chat transcripts (Jeremy+Brittany) also the episodes to 
the episodes section.
1 June 2001
At last I have found some time to update the site :)).I added
a new picture gallery (Brittany Daniel Gallery)
27 May 2001
Because of school work ,I couldn't update the site regularly.
Today I have added 2 interviews. Check them out here. Also
I have added a picture gallery        
18 May 2001
I added some interviews to the Interviews section ... 
28 April 2001
I finally opened the site. ( but mostly the sections are under
construction )
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